Miss Kate's Fashion Marketing Survey
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1. Lady or Gentleman? *


2. Which age bracket do you fall into? *


3. Where is your location? *


4. Pick an occupation that you think describes you the best: *


5. How often to you buy clothing? *


6. How much, on average, do you spend on a garment? *


7. How important is price? *


8. How do you feel about online shopping? *


9. Do you prefer to shop around or would rather a one-stop-location for all your clothing? *


10. Where do you like to shop? *

11. How highly do you rate customer service in your decision to shop somewhere? *


12. Would you be more inclined to buy something if it was Australian Made or by an Australian Designer? *


13. Do you find it hard to find clothes and undergarments that fit? *


14. Do you think that there needs to be more Fashion Forwardness with plus-sized clothing stores? *


15. So they have sold out of your size!! Would you wait for something to be ordered in? *


16. Would you participate in events by a retailer or fashion label? *

17. What do you love about your favourite brand or shop?
18. What do you think is lacking the most in fashion retailers today?
19. Any questions or feedback or suggestions you'd like to leave for this survey?

(I thank you very much for making it to the end!!)

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