JazzSchool Concert Preparation Class
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Thank you for your interest in the Jazzschool independent studies concert preparation course, Center Stage This program is an opportunity for Jazzschool students to present the results of their work and vision. I work closely with students to help them present a confident, personal and dynamic concert. Concert dates are available throughout the year.

If you are selected, with my help, you will be expected to:

Choose material
Prepare, or have prepared, appropriate music, charts, etc.
Prepare a set list
Prepare a budget
Choose, hire and pay your musicians
Set up rehearsal times
Help publicize your show
Provide us with promotional materials (picture and bio)
Check with me weekly regarding your progress

Jazzschool will provide:

Guidance and advice to help you produce your concert
The Jazzschool venue for the concert
Professional sound engineer
On-line and phone number for ticket sales
Door person for tickets
A recording of your concert (from the sound board as a documentation of the concert. The quality of this recording is generally not acceptable for a CD)
Publicity in the Jazzschool media including newsletters
You will also receive a percentage of the door/ticket sales

I will set up meetings with all performers to discuss things that pertain to your concert. I will also meet with you regularly by phone, email or in person and be available to attend your band rehearsal.  

1. How can we contact you?
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Last Name
Email address
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Best contact phone number
2. Have you taken classes or workshops at the Jazzschool before? What classes, when, and who were your instructors?
3. Have you studied privately? With whom and when? What did you study?
4. What are your over all objectives in participating in the concert preparation class. What do you envision as a successful result of this concert? Write a short description (less than 100 words or so, describing what a successful outcome will be.) *
5. Do you have a vision of what kind of concert you want to present? Describe your ideas.
6. Have you performed a concert before? Have you played professional gigs? Where?
7. Do you have enough appropriate material to present a concert of approximately an hour and 10 minutes? *
8. If no, how many tunes do you have ready for concert? *
9. Do you have charts and arrangements for the tunes you want to perform?

10. What kind of instrumentation do you think you would like to use? *
11. Have you chosen the musicians that you would like to work with you? If so, who are they?
12.  Have you prepared a budget that includes the cost of the class, payment for musicians for the show and reheasal, any special arrangements you might want to have written? *

13. What is the last live music concert you attended? *
14. Write a short description of that concert? *
15. How do you think you might benefit from my experience? *
16. What kind of music do you play? *
17. Name other artists that you are similar to? *
18. What are 3 words that describe you as an artist?
19. What is your stage persona, how do you want the audience to perceive you? *

Do you have a fan list? Website? Facebook page? Youtube or other video? Songs on-line such as Sound Cloud?


21. What is the web address for your site, youtube channel or other links to any on-line promotional materials you have?

Thank you for your interest.

Please email me after you have submitted your questionnaire to be sure that I have received it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
If you would like further information regarding my teaching and experience you can visit my website at http://www.mzjazz.com.


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