CIMT Therapy - questionnaire for potential education attendants
Answers marked with a * are required.
1. Does Your practical work require knowledge in neurology?    *


2. Do You come across neurological patients in Your work? *


3. Do You preform therapy work  with children or adults? *


4. How much of experience do You have in implementing therapy in individuals/children with neurological damages? *


5. Did You know that the upper extremity therapy may also help speech and lingual disorder rehabilitation  (eg. aphasia)? *


6. Have You ever heard of CIMT  Therapy ? *


7. Have You ever, in Your professional experience, used  some of the CIMT Therapy techniques ?


8. If You answered “YES” to previous question, please state which?
9. Have You had any form of training in CIMT Therapy domain?


10. If You answered “YES” to previous question,  please list educations or training courses You attended and where?
11. If You answered “YES” to question No. 9, what would You abstract as worthy knowledge You got from that education?
12. What would You say that educations in that field were missing the most?
13. Would You attend  training/education with demonstration of applicable therapy work according to CIMT Therapy if such would be organized in Croatia? *


14. What would You personally like to find out/learn/train in training? *
15. How much money would You be willing to spend for certificated 4 day trainig?  Please write down the amount in EURO. *
16. Would You be able to follow classes and exercises held entirely in English? *



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