Talking About Taxes: Presenter Request Form

Please complete this brief form if your organization would like a “Nonprofits Talking Taxes” workshop brought to your workplace. You will need:

     1. Potential dates that will work for your organization, such as staff meeting dates.

     2. An estimated number of the staff who can attend.

     3. Agreement from staff leaders to have the workshop.


Nonprofit organizations of all kinds are being asked to do more with less and less money resulting from California’s broken tax system and budget structure. We believe that people in the nonprofit sector can be a decisive voice to increase revenue through tax and budget reform, and will be more engaged if they feel more informed and comfortable talking about the issue with others. This two hour session is led by a Nonprofits Talking Taxes trainer, and will help staff to:

     -Understand what state and local taxes support in your community

     -Understand why California’s tax policies and budget process  is broken

     -Understand how progressive tax and fee increases can be enacted to increase revenue.

In addition, people will enjoy learning this in a highly interactive session and will feel energized to discuss the issue and their opinions with others beyond the session.  You will help staff to be more civically engaged when these issues appear on future ballots in the next several years.

Please Complete the Following:

Potential dates for a 2 hour Nonprofits Talking Taxes workshop. Name at least two dates & times that will work with at least 2 weeks notice or list meeting days/times that occur regularly in your organization’s schedule.


Specific dates and times (with at least two weeks notice):


Are you the person we will coordinate the training date with? 



If not who will we coordinate training date and location with? 

Can you or your organization make a contribution of $50 in order to cover some of the travel and time of the trainer?


How did you hear about the Show Me the Money: Nonprofits Talking Taxes workshop? (i.e. a colleague, an organization, website, social media etc.) 
Thank you for making the request! Someone from CompassPoint will contact you within one week about your request.

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