Kremer/Hood Performance Measures Assessment
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1. Key Financial Measures of Value Creating Activity
1st Bottom Line
Cash Flow from Operations (OCF)
Use Direct Cash Statement (pure)
Use Indirect Cash Statement (reconciles cash to non-cash values)
1st Bottom Line Driver
Operating Cash Flow (OCF) / Sales
2nd Bottom Line
Net Profit
2nd Bottom Line Drivers
3rd Bottom Line
Return on Assets
3rd Bottom Line Drivers
Return on Sales (Net/Sales)
Asset Turnover (Sales/Assets)
Other Key Financial Drivers of the Bottom Lines
Receivable Days
Inventory Days
Payable Days
Sales/Net Fixed Assets
Fixed Asset Investment
2. Key Non-Financial Measures of Value Creating Activity

Any metric focusing on workflow, and how the flow of work (value creating activity) relates to both the customer and overall financial results. Can also be called a key driver, sub-driver, or key performance indicator

List key non-financial numbers if you use any specific data point(s) having a direct relationship to overall financial well-being.

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