Bejinx™ Player Survey
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1. What tabletop game or games do you like to play? *
2. What’s your all-time favorite tabletop game? *
3. About how many tabletop games do you have at home? *

4. Who do you usually play tabletop games with? *
5. Which tabletop game or games have you paired with Bejinx™ cards? *
6. Which Bejinx™ cards were the most fun? What made them fun? *
7. Are there any Bejinx™ cards you would like to see changed? If so, what should be changed, and why? *
8. Are there any Bejinx™ cards you would remove entirely? If so, which ones and why? *
9. What’s the right price for this Bejinx™ product? *
10. Is there anything else you would like us to remember as we continue improving Bejinx™ products?

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