MMMBA Member survey
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1. What city do you live in?
2. How old are you?


3. What sex are you?


4. On average, how many times a month do you ride during the "typical" riding season (April - October)?


5. On average, how many times a month do you ride in the "off-season" (November - March)?


6. Which trails do you ride most often?
7. Are you a member of the Mid-Michigan Mountain Biking Association?


8. If you are a member, how many years have you been a member of the MMBA Mid-State Chapter / Mid-Michigan Mountain Biking Association?


9. If you are not a member, what would make you consider joining/rejoining?
10. Have you ever performed trail maintenance at a MTB trail?


11. If so, on average, how many hours of trail work do you complete in a year?


12. What activities do you wish to see the MMMBA chapter conduct in the future?
  Should definitely not conduct Should not conduct No preference Should conduct Should definitely conduct
New trail development
MTB advocacy
Trail maintenance
Social events (Group rides, picnics, etc)
13. Are there any other activities that you would like to see the chapter conduct?
14. Have you volunteered for the chapter in the past?


15. If yes, in what capacity?

16. Would you be willing to volunteer with the chapter?


17. If yes, in what capacity?

18. Thank you for filling out this survey.  If you wish to be contacted regarding volunteer opportunities, please provide your email address.  

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