Would you like to be part of the HearSay19 team?

HearSay is more than just the incredible line up of events, it's about a coming together of people who are passionate about audio and the possibilities that HearSay offers for collaboration, creativity and conversation.

The whole festival is a labour of love. It's a huge undertaking on a tiny budget and it could not take place without a monumental effort by the HearSay voluntary crew drawn from local Kilfinane people and visiting participants from across Ireland and around the world! 

What is expected of me? 

As we put together our core Crew Teams, we are looking for people who would be willing to commit a substantial amount of their time over the course of the festival. So if you want to get right under the skin of HearSay and are truly passionate about helping make HearSay19 happen we want you!

As a member of the Crew, you'll be assigned a role on a specific team. We've got 7 teams this year: Technical, Production & Venue, Welcome, Documentation, Crew Welfare, Street Ambassadors, and Coordination  - see below for more details on each of these.

Crew members will need be in Kilfinane from early Thrusday April 4th to Sunday 7th April 2019.

 (We will also need some crew members to be active earlier in the festival week to help in the final run-in and immediately afterwards so please let us know below if you can also crew outside of the festival dates.)
Crew Members will be expected to be active over the four day duration of the festival with plenty of time off to catch key sessions and build friendships.

What's in it for you?

Joining us as a member of the HearSay17 Crew will be a fun and fulfilling experience. We want to keep the feeling where as one crew member tweeted "Just had the best crew thank you experience ever!! Thank you #HearSay2015"

With your help, #HearSay19 will be audio heaven for four days! Your expertise and passion will make sure this not-for-profit initiative can survive and thrive. You'll get to work and laugh alongside some of the most talented people in this beautiful creative audio world. 

​Obviously one of the major benefits is that you will have an automatic place at this years festival! But you will also have a great time at the heart of things. We'll have a dedicated crew base again this year - with lots more fairy lights, of course more tea, more chocolate and a special secret treat just for members of the HearSay familu

An of course you will still have time to enjoy what only HearSay has to offer - we'll make sure you get to attend events of interest to you. In fact you will get to experience exclusive crew only events, experiences, and opportunities and of course as much tea as you can drink! 

If you have any queries about HearSay19 or the questions below, or you wish to help out in other ways, please don't hesitate get in touch via crew@hearsayfestival.ie  

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HearSay19 Crew

We've got 7 teams as part of the HearSay19 Crew this year.
Read the descriptions of each below to find out which one may suit your skills and experience.

1. Technical ​ ​Activities May Include: Assisting Tech Set Up, Venue Sound Desks, Sound and Equipment, Checks, Audio/Video Feeds of Sessions via Mixing, Managing Installations Tech, Temporary Sound for Pop-up locations, Breakdown of Equipment after, Monitoring Venue Sound Quality,

​2. Production & Venue  Activities May Include: Venue Preparation and Maintenance, Stewarding, Liaising with Contributors, Session Time Management, Liaising with Participants, Making sure venue hosts are happy, assisting the tech and hospitality crews, Ushering, making things feel magical. 

3. Street Ambassadors - (including lots of indoor stuff!)  ​Activities May Include: Chatting to festival participants,  making people aware of whats going on where, Guiding people around the village, helping find wayward contributors, stewarding, helping out with events, liaising with Open House hosts, helping out and pitching in where needed

4. Welcome Activities May Include: Participant sign in & welcome, Contributor sign in & liaison, welcome desk during festival, event sign-ups, directions and programme info, give recommendations on what to see and do​​, telephone and point of contact for Festival Coordinators

5. Documentation Activities May Include: Documenting the activities of the festival - events and context - video, photo, audio,  Photography, Filming, Interviews, Social media, Post Festival Material Prepping

6. Crew Welfare Activities May Include: Liasing with Festival Coordinators, Monitoring Crew welfare, Dealing with Crew needs, concerns, questions, ensuring adequate breaks, refreshments are provided, communication with crew, making sure crew members get to key events of interest, planning crew-specific experiences and encounters

7. Festival Coordination Activities May Include: Overseeing all aspects of Festival Management and Coordination, Health & Safety Coordination, Programming, Dealing with any Changes to Programme, Coordination of Logistics, Coordination of Crew

2. Commitment I am willing to commit to volunteering as a crew member for a minimum of 12 hours in the week of the festival. *

Crew Teams

What Crew Teams would you be interested in joining?​ Please tick ALL Teams you are interested in, 



Skills & Experience

Do you have particular skills or experiences that might be useful for us to know about as we plan our crew teams?

We're thinking anything from running a sound desk for a band to weight-lifting, scout troupe leader to stage management, tea maker extraordinaire to location sound recordist! 


Team Leader 

Would you like to be considered for a Team Leader Role? If yes, which team would be the natural home for your talents and what would you bring to the role?

PS. Team Leaders will be expected to be in place for briefings on Wednesday 3rd April.


Could you help in the months beforehand?

A lot of the work in staging the festival takes place in the months before. A lot of this work could take place remotely whether that this helping layout the schedule, dealing with contributors, flights for prizewinners, communications, logistics, social media, crew coordination.

Would you be interested in helping out in the months prior to the festival?
If you could, let us know what you could do and when - it would be wonderful to have your help.


Your space

to give us feedback, ask any about any queries, worries or issues you have. What's motivating you to volunteer at HearSay19? Did you volunteer at HearSay17? What do we need to improve or do even more off - let us know!


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