Old Operating Theatre Museum Fund Raising Appeal Survey 1
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Can you let us know what you think about the following proposed wording of our forthcoming Fundraising Appeal?
This is how we plan to word it:
'The Old Operating Theatre Museum is a unique and irreplaceable part of the History of Medicine - we need to make sure it is kept open to the public. We are negotiating with our landlords for a new lease. We are hoping to purchase a 100yr + lease.
If we are successful in the negotiations for the lease we will need to raise a 5 figure sum in a short period of time. This will give us security of tenure for the first time.
1. Is this a good opening statement?

We also plan to raise money for a refurbishment of the Operating Theatre. The aims are to maintain the unique atmosphere while improving the information given to visitors, improving museum object storage and improving working space for the curatorial team.
We do not yet know final amounts but as an illustration we may need:
£15,000 legal and professional fees for securing the lease. A five figure sum for the lease. £50,000 for refurbishment of the Museum, and £50,000 for an endowment to pay for the extra running costs of the lease.
2. Can you now tell us what you think about this explanation.


3. Would you sign up to support an appeal to secure the Museum's tenure?


4. Are you likely to support such an appeal financially?


5. We are thinking of packaging the appeal in terms of buying the future of the Old Operating Theatre Museum. If the lease costs £150,000 for a 100 year lease a gift of £1,500 would buy the Museum one year in the life of the Museum. £125.00 would buy a month in the life of the Museum , and £5 would buy a day in the Life of the Museum. Would this idea encourage you to donate?


6. If you knew a trust would match your donation pound for pound would this encourage your gift?


Thank you for answering these questions. We may submit a couple of other short surveys to you in the next few weeks.

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