Tele-Health Survey - Consumer
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1. Due to COVID-19 Monroe County Community Mental Health Authority has moved almost all of our services to Tele-Health. Tele-health includes providing services using a telephone, smart phone or computer.  Tele-health can also be provided using video conferencing which are meetings conducted using video and/or audio to communicate. Have you been provided Tele-Health services? *


2. What Tele-Health technology have you used?  Select all that apply: *

3. What do you like about Tele-Health?   *
4. If given the choice, how likely would you be to use Tele-Health services instead of in-person services? *


5. Which of the following are concerns that would prevent you from using Tele-Health services in the future?  Select all that apply: *

6. What services do you see yourself continuing post COVID-19?  Select all that apply: *

7. If you prefer face to face appointments, where would you prefer your case management and/or therapy appointments take place at? *


8. If you receive both therapy and case management, would you prefer these services to be provided by the same person? *