Feedback on Hearing Aids for Music project and resources
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1. We'd like to know who you are. 


2. Which of our resources have you engaged with? (e.g. website, patient leaflet, practitioner leaflets, online glossary etc.) 

3. Was there anything that was particularly helpful about our resources? Do you have any ideas for improvement?
4. What (if any) changes to behaviour and/or practice have you made as a result of engaging with our resource(s)? 

(e.g. engaged in the listening practices outlined in the patient leaflet, applied new knowledge of programming hearing aids for music for patients - leading to improved outcomes for music listening).

5. Are you likely to use the knowledge/skills you have gained in the future? If yes, in what ways? 
6. Please leave your name and email address if you're happy to be contacted in future (optional)