Clarification of Payment for Dental Work Needed for Transplants - NATCO
1. Have you been informed about the clarification of Medicare payment for medically necessary dental care that became effective 1/1/2023?
2. If so, from what source(s)?
3. Please state any questions you may have about the payment clarification. It will be helpful in understanding issues requiring attention.
4. Since January 1st, have you had Medicare patients requiring dental clearance for a transplant (solid organ, bone marrow, stem cell)?
5. If so, approximately how many?


6. Did the individuals access the Medicare-covered dental evaluation and treatment?


7. Please describe your experiences or challenges in making referrals, and coordinating care and Medicare billing/payment with dentists: 
8. Please share any suggestions that could help qualifying individuals to benefit from Medicare’s payment clarification for medically necessary dental care:
9. Annually, approximately how many transplant candidates seen by your practice need referrals for dental clearance?


10. Based on your past experience with Medicare and/or Medicaid beneficiaries requiring dental clearance/treatment, was the network of available dentists adequate …
  Yes No Not Sure
for those in Traditional Medicare?
for those in Medicare Advantage?
for those on Medicaid?
for individuals covered by both Medicare and Medicaid?
11. Generally, have the candidates who you refer for dental clearance been able to obtain the definitive treatment they needed? 


12. Your name and/or name of your practice, and contact information (optional, but encouraged):
13. Zip code for your practice: