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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Research your audience

Would you like to know what your customers are saying about you? Do you want to improve your customers loyalty? In the current days competitive marketplace it is critical to know exactly what your customers think.

eSurveysPro is a leading online provider of customer satisfaction surveying solutions. eSurveysPro provides and end-to-end survey system for tracking customer satisfaction.

Connect better with your customers, by learning how they truly feel about your company. No matter the nature of your company, customer satisfaction surveys will provide you with the information needed to continue to improve.

customer satisfaction survey

Human Resources Surveys

Know your people with employee satisfaction surveys

Satisfied employees lead to a healthier work environment, resulting in higher productivity and more satisfied customers. An employee satisfaction survey helps to highlight areas of satisfaction, so that you know what to continue. It also highlights areas of discontent, so that you know what needs attention.

Stop guessing and ask employees if they're happy on the job. Use employee surveys to check in with employees about their satisfaction with their roles and responsibilities, the work environment, and their experiences with management. Find out what mix of benefits matters most to them, and what skills they wish to acquire as they develop their careers.

HR surveys

Marketing Research Surveys

Define your target's needs

Whether you're launching a new product or testing an ad campaign, market research surveys help you make smarter decisions. Study buying habits, test new concepts, measure brand awareness, or assess your market size. We can help with everything from creating your survey using one of our questionnaire templates to providing meaningful reports that are easy to understand.

Use marketing surveys to capture the key information that you need for developing a thorough marketing strategy. Use the information that you collect in the questionnaire to build your key marketing strategy.

market reseach survey templates

Services Evaluation and Feedback Surveys

Evaluate. Evaluate and decide.

Quality Surveys can get you quality response, in turn increasing the quality of service that you offer to your customers. You can use one of our questionnaire templates to gather information from your customer base. You can easily customize the survey templates and add your own questions to the survey.

If you are providing any kind of service to your customers, it is important to know what your customers think about the service you provide. Their feedback is important as it will help you decide what to do next to improve the service.

services evaluation questionnaire template

Academic Survey Templates

Crowdsource your projects

Measure the performance of your school, college or university with education based survey templates. These surveys are designed to evaluate all aspects of a school (teachers, professors, facilities, programs, etc.) through both the opinions of students and parents. These surveys can also help organize student bodies and provide input on a school's strengths and weaknesses.

With eSurveysPro.com, academic surveys had never been easier. eSurveysPro provides ready to use education questionnaire templates that can be further customized in a few minutes.

academic questionnaire templates


Simplest feedback gathering

What is an online poll? Unlike surveys which have multiple questions, a poll consists of only one, single question. When visibly posted on a website or blog, the poll creator can easily gain feedback from respondents.

eSurveysPro provides are powerful poll creation tool. eSurveysPro.com polls are completely free (including the most complex reports). eSurveysPro.com poll software comes with a variety of powerful features.

online poll software