Share your online surveys via social media

social media surveyseSurveysPro offers the possibility to create online surveys and deploy them using a variety of methods (web link, web page embedded, email invitation, etc). Using the general survey url, it is possible to share your surveys via any social media website.

Starting with today, it is much easier to deploy your surveys to the social networks, as eSurveysPro offers one-click submissions to no less than 10 social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

To benefit of the feature, while in survey editor, click on the “Collect Responses” tab at the top. The first option in that page (General Survey URL) displays 10 social media websites icons. Click on any of them to submit your survey to the favorite social network.

social media online surveys

As you might have already noticed from the image above, there is a second feature available, and that is accessing the online survey using a QR code, thing that will make the mobile users life a lot easier. Feel free to give it a try by scanning the above QR code that will send you to one of our test surveys.